Lab Solutions

Each of our plants has onsite quality control laboratories that are well equipped to perform chemical analyses and measure physical properties of the products we manufacture. In our plant labs, we perform HPLC & GC analyses and particle size analyses while our processes are running. We perform biological tests to ensure product performance and ensure the absence of high levels of bacteria. Our chemists, biologists, and lab technicians have the experience and expertise needed to ensure the products produced in our plants exceed the industry expectation for quality standards.

As customer products move through the operation, Helena Industries’ quality control professionals conduct routine checks. We use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor container fill weights, which ensures accurate fills and avoids overfills leading to higher costs. Helena Industries adheres to rigorous tolerance standards, often more stringent than our customers’ own specifications. We have sites that are ISO 9002 certified. Our customers' external manufacturing audit teams routinely audit us to ensure compliance with their good manufacturing procedures.

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