President's Message

At Helena Industries, we pride ourselves on being the Trusted Resource.

We strive to be the Trusted Resource to our employees and their families. Our priority is to provide our employees with a good, stable environment where they can trust that their jobs are secure now and for years to come. Our employees know that they will be safe in our plants. We want their families to know that their loved one will come home in the same healthy condition that they left in earlier in the day. Our employees know that they will have opportunities to grow their skills and grow their careers. We also want them to have fun and enjoy their time in and out of work by being a part of something great that they can believe in.

We desire to be the Trusted Resource to our customers. Our customers know that they can depend on us to be extremely responsive to their needs. They know that we will deliver their orders on time and as expected. Our customers trust us with the value they have established in their company brand and individual product brands. They trust us to exceed their quality expectations because our employees understand that the HI quality obligation extends beyond the customer directly contracting our services. They know that our ultimate obligation is to the person buying and using the products that we make. Our customers know that their proprietary information and technology are safe with us. We want our customers to know that it is our obligation to reinvest and continually improve our operations to sustain our financial health while keeping their cost of doing business with Helena Industries low over time.

We desire to be the Trusted Resource to our suppliers. We want our business partners to be successful, profitable, and sustainable. We want to work together with our partners to find ways to reduce costs, increase the reliability of supply, and improve quality over time. We work with the philosophy that our growth in profits will come from the increased sales of our customers’ products. Together, we will do our part to place our customers at a competitive position in their markets with our portion of their supply chain.

We desire to be the Trusted Resource in the communities where we operate our plants and where our employees live. We want our communities to know that we are good stewards of the environment. We want our communities to see us as a great corporate citizen and our employees as contributing citizens working to make our communities better. We will do our part to help improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

By being the Trusted Resource to our employees, our customers, our partners, and our communities, we know that our stakeholders will continue to support and trust us. We understand our obligation to the people who trust us with investments in our business that allow us to continue our success.

I began my career with what is now Helena Industries in 1995 as an engineer in our Georgia plant. We have been blessed with much growth over the many years that I have worked for this company. We believe that the root of our success is our employees and the focus that we put on relationships. The people we employ are people who desire to work in community with others and who desire to serve. Because of our desire to grow leaders from within our organization, the people who become our managers and leaders over time fit well into our culture of servant leadership and providing customer delight. That is what makes us a service company that specializes in manufacturing. We are looking forward to continuing in that vision as we grow our company while making our employees, our customers, our partners, and our stakeholders successful in that journey. Please come and grow with us!


Philip Berryman
Helena Industries, LLC