Our Stories

At Helena Industries, we care about our employees and value their opinions. We are proud of the positive comments they share each day. Ask around any HI plant or office and you will hear employees talk with pride about the role they play in making our company an industry leader. You will probably find many people who have worked here for 10, 20, 30 years and more. They stay because they enjoy the work, like the people they work with, and receive an attractive benefits package.

For some real insight into what makes this such a great place to work, read the following anonymous remarks made by Helena Industries’ employees on a recent employee survey.

- “Excellent teamwork and staff”

- “The staff is very supportive and willing to give appreciation for your hard work”

- “Helena is a very fair company and gives employees opportunities to advance…”

- “Surely, Helena is the best company who give employees opportunities to grow up in their work.”

- “I like the work I do and every one so very nice.”

-“Everyone seems to work hand and hand to get the job done and everyone respects and appreciates   each other after the job is complete.”

-“Helena has been my favorite work area.”

- “I believe several people I work closely with care about me. I certainly care about everyone that works for and with me.”

- “Constant change is what makes the job enjoyable. Knowing in my head that I am going to go home the same way I came to work is reassuring.”

-“I started off as a temp worker not knowing anything at all. I am now a full time employee and have learned so much in the last year. I am very grateful for this.”

- “good and safe environment”

- “We are a close knit group - averse to change, but dependent upon each other's ideas, critiques, opinions, and so often, we are so much more than the sum of our parts.”

- “Helena has always been supportive of the individual and their needs. This goes all the way to the top of the company.”

- “We are continually growing and improving our systems.”

- “(I) know what I have to do in the amount of time to do it.”

- “...workers care about me and respect me. They all help me get through my work days.”

- “I feel that the company is strong and secure, and will continue to grow.”

- “I like the general atmosphere of positivity that surrounds this company, people as a whole seem very positive and happy.”