We manufacture and package well over 2600 active formulas at our plants using a broad range of processing technologies. We are committed to continuous improvement and upgrade equipment and processes often to stay ahead of the technology curve. We also invest in training and growth opportunities to keep our employees at the forefront of their fields. Our employees rely on their experience, expertise, and determination to find ways to make things happen for our customers.

Our plants are well staffed and versed in:

  • Formulations
  • Lab analytics-HPLC and GC analysis
  • SAP and Oracle management systems to directly report into your systems
  • Environmental management of waste reduction, recycling, and disposal
  • Supply chain management utilizing our Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning system
  • Production planning & management
  • Process consultation & optimization
  • Display packaging assembly
  • Warehousing and IATA, DOT, and IMDG regulations
  • Exporting
  • Cross contamination Prevention

Call us at 901-820-5728 to discuss how we can help you with chemical toll or contract manufacturing, formulation, packaging or supply chain and warehousing challenges.